The Monster Hunter series, at least across the past few main installments have had some pretty sweet crossovers. With quests that have given armor and weapons from MetroidStrider, most recently Horizon Zero Dawn and Devil May Cry, they’ve covered a lot of ground. However, since I’m a journalist, I clearly know much more than the people who actually develop the Monster Hunter games about what they should add next. There are so many games that could easily have their armor/characters brought over to Monster Hunter World with some sweet, unique quests. Obviously, there’s way more than just ten possibilities for more crossovers, but I’m going to share with you my top ten ideas for collars in Monster Hunter World. Again, this is just my opinion, and I’d love to hear what kind of crossovers other people would love to see, or if they would do these ones differently!

10) Viewtiful Joe

I mean, this is a fairly easy one, considering the fact that it’s also a Capcom property. If your Palico could don the armor of the titular hero, and you could make armor designed to look like Six Majin, wouldn’t that be awesome? Not only that, but your Palico could use the Voomerang as a weapon, and maybe even drop some pink bombs to boot! Unfortunately, there isn’t really a suitable weapon for the hunter to use directly from the game. However, you could easily stick Six Machine on the end of a long handle and just make it a big hammer and that would easily work. Perhaps we could even get an extra Captain Blue version by hunting some Azure Rathalos? Just an idea, but I think it’s more than likely, Viewtiful Joe could use a little bit of love and attention, and maybe if something like this does well enough, we’ll show Capcom we still love the little guy!

9) Shovel Knight

Okay, I’ll admit, this one is a complete and total stretch, but think of all of the crossovers Shovel Knight has been involved in! The Cerulean Coward is even partially based on mechanics from Mega Man, which is one of Capcom’s biggest properties, so it would be a nice little nod. You could make his Shovel into quite a few of the weapons in the game, from lance to hammer, almost anything is possible! Not to mention, it would be gloriously goofy to see someone hunting in that armor, or maybe even in the Black Knight’s armor set. Add in a taunt where you dig in the ground that does 1 damage, and you’ll be seeing some crazy person fighting Nergigante using only dig.

Somebody will do it, you know they will.

8) God of War

Sony has already gotten their console exclusive stuff in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn, but why not go for seconds? Not to mention, the new God of War is coming out soon and it would be a perfect way to advertise the game to people that might not otherwise play it. You could have this in two flavors as well, you could use his new axe and make it into a sword and shield (and maybe a charge blade?). You could also call back to Kratos’ roots and be able to make dual blades out of his original weapons. Maybe the special skill for the dual blades would be that it’s much easier to mount monsters since Kratos had a pension for jumping on shit and ripping heads off. Of course, if Sony is going to get some more exclusive stuff, then that brings me to…

7) Halo

I don’t really think that there’s another IP that more accurately represents Xbox as a whole than Halo. Of course you already know the whole story about how Combat Evolved was the magnum opus of the original Xbox and so on and so forth.

Now, there are two options we have here for armor, and I don’t really know which one I would want more. The most obvious choice is Master Chief’s armor as an armor set, and having the Gravity hammer as a hammer would just be so much fun. My other idea is to have Jorge’s armor from Halo: Reach and to have a blowgun that looks like his turret. Everyone loves Jorge, he was easily the nicest and most lovable character in all of the Halo series.

Also, if we could get Arbiter armor for out palico with an Energy Sword weapon for them, that would just be the tits.

6) Lost Planet

Yet another lost Capcom property that hasn’t been seen for quite some time. Though honestly, the third game was pretty boring and lame, and it’s not hard to see why it was the last game in the series.

However, that doesn’t mean that the first two games were bad, because I thought they were great. The first one is absolutely amazing still, I will replay that any time, the story was alright, the gameplay was tight, and the Akrid were fucking cool. The Vital Suit system was so much fun, especially in the late game/final boss when they’re just absolutely bananas. Being able to make Snow Pirate armor and craft the VS sword as a great sword would be AMAZING. Honestly you could probably just turn any of the Vital Suit weapons into a Great Sword or Hammer or Lance since they’re so huge to begin with. As for the palico content? I mean, just give him/her their own little Vital Suit, wouldn’t that be the most badass/adorable shit ever?

5) Final Fight

It’s a game about hitting people really hard with your fists/pipes, it’s a no-brainer.

Capcom already released the Ryu and Sakura outfit quests, so I don’t think that a Haggar armor set is out of the question. Add a metal pipe Great Sword and you’ve got a recipe for success/hilarity because I wanna see Haggar beat the snot out of Bazelgeuse real bad. Poison would be a pretty cool addition as well, though I don’t know if her scandalous appearance would fit the jive of MHW. Of course, this is all just personal wishing, but I don’t think that Final Fight DLC is out of the question at all.

4) Dark Souls

Dark Souls and Monster Hunter have a fair amount in common, and no, I’m not saying MH is the Dark Souls of ____. What I’m saying is that both games are made by Japanese developers, had a big following in Japan and a niche following in the West, and eventually became crazy popular worldwide. They also prominently feature a lot of weapons, armor, and bosses, and Monster Hunter World would be a fine place to showcase some of the iconic weapons and armor from Dark Souls. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to get a full set of Onion Knight armor and a Claymore as a great sword? Or Solaire’s armor, or Oscar’s armor, or Artorias, plus all of their weapons, it would work so well!

Or Bloodborne, since Vaal Hazak is basically straight out of that game, god that dude is nightmare.

3) Final Fantasy

This one is sort of an open-ended idea because there are so many Final Fantasy games to take stuff from. I feel like the obvious one is to be able to get a Cloud Strife outfit and use his Buster Sword as a Great Sword, but there’s so much more. Gladiolus and his Great Sword might be a little more relevant, or Ignis and his pension for dual-wielding small, sharp instruments. I suppose I should ask others what they would think of this and which characters they would like to see. You could get a cute little Chocobo outfit for your Palico too and they could get their own little replica of a famous FF weapon like Squall’s Gunblade!

2) Fallout

I don’t know what it is about Fallout but I always come back to it every once in a while, if only to just complete a couple of quests or go on a killing rampage. The Power Armor from Fallout is easily one of the most iconic suits of armor in gaming history and has stood the test of time since gracing the cover of the original Fallout. Something about it is just awesome and terrifying to look at, and I think it would be right at home with my racks of Diablos and Rathalos armor.

The Diablos, speaking of which, would be the perfect enemy to have to fight in order to get the armor since it bears a resemblance to the Deathclaw from Fallout. Perhaps in order to simulate radiation, the Diablos would poison you if you stood near it too long, meaning you gotta bring a lot of Antidote or play cat-and-mouse with it. As for a weapon, I feel as though the Shishkebab would make a lovely Long Sword and the Super Sledge would be an awesome hammer! Maybe we could even get a Heavy Bowgun that looks like a minion or a modified Fat Man.

1) Mega Man X

Okay, so they’ve already done a Mega Man collar with the calico armor, and that’s fine, but Mega Man X is where it’s at. Zero’s Armor and his Z-saber are obvious additions that need to be in the game (as a long sword, duh). Sigma’s armor is also a pretty good choice, and I have a great idea for a weapon based on him. It’s a charge blade, and the sword is his beam sword from the first game, while the shield looks like his purple robot-dog. Then when it morphs, it resembles his beam scythe from Mega Man X4, now try and tell me that that wouldn’t be cool as f*ck.

Other runner-ups could be some Vile armor (maybe for your palico) or even and Axl set for the palico, either one would be cool as heck. I also don’t know if we’ll be getting any new pets at any point with these DLCs/crossovers, but with the animal themed Maverick bosses, the possibilities are endless.

So there’s my list, again, that’s all just my opinion, it’s a bunch of cool shit I would love to see in the game. I would say that at least half of the ideas are within reason, being that some are Capcom properties already. The rest are just things I would love to see or experience within the world of Monster Hunter. I would love to see some kind of Dark Souls content within Monster Hunter World, and considering how popular it is all over the world, I think it’s possible!

I wanna hear what you guys think though, cause there’s probably some cool shit that I just didn’t think of, whether it be from these games or others. I almost always make these lists and then about a week later I think of 4 other things I wish I could have added to the list. So let me know what you think in a neat, civil manner.

Or just call me an idiot and tell me no one cares because I didn’t put Minecraft on the list.

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