10 Reasons Apple’s New Safari Browser Crushes Chrome And Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla have been the dominant web browsers of late. These are popular for the features that they bring, their designs, and the fact that they tend to crash less than the previously preferred Internet Explorer. Apple has been left behind when it comes to the internet browser, until now. The new OS X Mountain Lion has seen Apple fight back with the Safari 6.0 browser. Reviews suggest that the Safari browser will give the two most popular internet browsers a run for their money.

The first feature to look into is the Smart search field. This allows you to search the internet, fast. It’s an improved version of Chrome’s Omnibox which has been a fantastic feature for users. It is time saving and simple, which makes using the internet easy for everyone.

The Safari browser has also been boosted in terms of the load time speed compared to Chrome and Mozilla. This improved speed can be checked further using the Sun Spiders test. This feature and the resultant improved java scripts will definitely be a force to reckon with for the other, currently more dominant browsers.

Bigger tabs are great, and so simple! Safari tabs are bigger and more organized than its counterparts. Safari’s tab size beat the two browsers by a margin of between 9% and 11 %. These margins have tremendously improved not only the browsing experience, but the overall user experience as well.

Navigation between tabs is simpler and more user-friendly than ever. The navigation between tabs in the different browsers has been improved with Safari to ensure that users have a better experience overall. In the new internet browser you can actually see a preview of the new tab and sync them with your other Apple devices.

Safari 6.0 has Twitter integrated which is a breakthrough for social network fans. Apple has integrated Twitter almost in every app in OS X Mountain Lion, which means that users can share pretty much anything at the click of a button. This is something that is not available on Mozilla and Chrome. You can share web pages, articles; you name it.

Safari is also offering new capabilities to enhance your web reading experience with the ‘reader’. With the reader, you are free to read whatever you want, when you want to read, without things like adverts, bugs and so forth ensuring a great reading experience.

The smooth, rolling bar is certainly one of the most phenomenal features of the new Safari browser. The movement transition between elements in the address bar is smoother than any other. Check out this feature and the rest online. Broadband Expert has info on Naked DSL Plans that can give you the answer to your broadband needs whilst you are there as well.

The new browser also crushes Mozilla and Chrome in terms of compatibility. It’s generally simple to use when you compare the other two browsers, which you will agree are buggy at times. Compatibility with the wonders of the World Wide Web is something that the internet lover will no doubt be grateful for.

Safari is less prone to crashing. For anyone who has used Mozilla or Google Chrome to browse the internet, you must agree it’s annoying when they crash. The new Safari browser has been created in such a way that, it hardly crashes. It is probably partly because Safari is less widely used and therefore less prone, but either way this is a bonus.

Compared to Mozilla or Chrome, the new Safari browser also comes with a great bookmarking feature and syncing capabilities. This allows you to sync bookmarks with all of your devices for convenience and easy access to what you want to see.

The new Safari browser is certainly one to contend with. It takes the best features of Mozilla and Chrome, and makes them even better. With the user in mind; this is a space to be watched.


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