10 Shots of Note From the New “Awake” ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer

Out of nowhere Lucasfilm dropped a brand new miniature-sized trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi on our heads, so naturally I had to drop everything that I was doing and breakdown all of the new footage showcased in the spot. There was a bunch of it too, as I found 10 shots to be completely new, as well as unheard dialogue from Snoke. Below you will find the 10 shots of note from this action-packed new trailer, but if you’re going for a spoiler-free take I’d say you should stay away. Considering you’re reading this article, then you’re probably a die hard fan like me who can’t help but see and learn anything new Star Wars, so if that’s the case happy reading and feel free to join in the discussion by leaving a comment after the break.

1. The Glorious Falcon

Right from the get go we get a brand new shot of the Falcon as it rests in its docking point from The Force Awakens. The old girl looks stunning in the overcast shot, and seeing her in her majesty sets up the next new shot perfectly with an extra jolt of nostalgia. Trust me, the next shot is the best scene I’ve witnessed in any footage for The Last Jedi, so seeing the Falcon looking so iconic sets the stage perfectly for the next new shot.

2. Luke Gets Nostalgic

As previously mentioned this next shot is a continuation of the first, and it is easily the best, or at least most nostalgic shot I’ve seen from this new trilogy since we first saw Han proclaim that he and Chewie were home in trailers for The Force Awakens. This shot is so awesome because it features Luke in his brown Jedi garb strolling through the cockpit of the Falcon and then turning the old girl on for an added bit of nostalgia. It just made this lifelong fan and product of the 80’s smile ear to ear, so to me I can’t get enough of this particular new shot.

3. Hand of Fury

So this shot may not reveal much of anything anyone would deem exciting, but it is technically new, so it’s on this list. Although, it’s fun to speculate when this shot may be taking place, and it looks to me like it is occurring during the same scenes we’ve seen of Kylo looking furious in a darkly lit environment with splashes of burnt orange from fires and/or explosions. If anything else, I think this shot is from later on in the film.

4. Snoke’s Full Throne Room

This new shot is not only fresh, but if offered up brand new dialogue from the Snoke Daddy himself. He says, “Darkness rises, and Light to meet it,” which I’m guessing is being spoken to Kylo Ren in some form of pep talk after he returns to Snoke. I think this is the beginning of the scene we’ve already saw of Kylo kneeling before Snoke and picking up his lightsaber. It almost feels like the camera is providing us Kylo’s perspective as he walks in for his talking to.

5. Luke Continues to be Bewildered

In this shot, which looks like it takes place as Luke is watching Rey train with her lightsaber, Luke once again looks amazed, afraid, and confused all at once as he watches her skills in action. He’s either intrigued with her at this point, or still skeptical, that’s how his look can be interpreted, so it’s wide open as to when this shot takes place during Rey’s visit with Luke.

6. Finn’s Hero Shot

This next new shot is a continuation of the Finn and Phasma fight from the last full length trailer. It shows that after Phasma gets her closeup villain pose, Finn gets his time in the spotlight to get his hero shot on. Either way I can’t wait to see how this fight plays out, because it’s going to be epic.

7. Finn Does His Best Podracing Impression

This shot proves two things. The first being that Finn is involved in the Battle of Crait, and he is piloting one of the speeders we’ve seen in the other trailers. The second thing it proves is that Finn is the most excitable and enthusiastic lead Star Wars character of all-time. That smile and cheer are infectious!

8. Concerned Leia

This is similar to the Kylo blade shot, namely due to the fact that it isn’t showing a brand new scene, rather it is just showing something we’ve seen before from a different angle. It does reinforce the fact that Leia is on the capital ship that her son is clearly attacking, and that it hurts and worries her deeply.

9. Falcon Geyser

If you know of Old Faithful, then this shot will probably resonate with you, because it’s literally of the Falcon exploding out of the crust of the planet Crait, just like water spouts from the iconic geyser. This is also a continuation of the Crait battle we’ve seen of the Falcon and it taking place in what appears to be an underground cavern.

10. Rey’s Beatdown

The final shot is probably the most shocking, or at least the one most fans will be talking about in addition to the shot of Luke in the Falcon’s cockpit. Just before this shot we get to hear Luke’s warning from the last trailer about something not end like someone thinks it will, but now it cuts right to Rey in the same rainy environment holding her lightsaber in what appears to be an attacking position. This could potentially mean that the two do fight and that Rey brings the pain to Luke, but it could also be more clever trailer editing to throw us all off. It could also just be some intense training that causes Rey to go off the handle a bit and Luke is testing her ability to resist total darkness, but who really knows.

Again, the two shots could be from two different scenes, but everything just lines up too well for this to not be part of a fuller sequence between these two where they fight in the rain — either against each other, or someone else — but at some point these two will be in a rainy heated situation, and this shot could foretell how it goes down. I’m hoping she isn’t fighting Luke out of hate, but you never know, only time will tell at this point.


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