134 Hours Later My Time With Skyrim Has Sadly Ended but What a Ride

Late last night I got the last achievement in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that completed my quest to gain all 1000 available gamerscore for this epic RPG.  On one hand I was relieved that my 134 hour journey had finally come to an end, but on the other I was quite sad to put this game to bed.  I’ve never spent 134 hours in a single player game in my life, so the fact that I did so in Skyrim just goes to show how gripping of an experience this game can be for gamers, and why it is hard for me to let it go.

For the past month and a half all I’ve known is Skyrim.  Outside of my duties as the EIC of this site I spent as much time as I could with this masterful game from Bethesda whilst on my Winter break.  I came to know the inhabitants of Skyrim as if they were in my own real world town.  Each day of my break I’d long for my return to Skyrim to see which quests I could knock out next, and I was never disappointed with where this game took me.  Every trip to this land of Dragons and knee crippling arrows (sorry) was unique, and never did I find myself feeling like I was grinding to make my way through this RPG.

Every single quest from the simple miscellaneous ones to the in depth ones such as the Dark Brotherhood thread, help to bring life to this world that can easily eat up your precious time.  In fact, some of the guild quests themselves are longer than most normal RPG’s.  Between the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quests alone I probably sunk in 20 hours of gameplay.  This just goes to show you how expansive this world truly is.  I’ve got 1000G, beat the main game, but I still have close to 40 open quests left to complete!  Is that big enough for ya?  If I wasn’t corrupted by achievements, and actually played games just to play them like we all used to, I’d probably still be playing Skyrim today.  But now that I have no rewards coming my way I just can’t play it until some DLC gets released with new cheves.  Wah!

So what’s next?  This has been running through my mind since turning Skyrim off last night.  I really can’t think of playing any other games, because I know they won’t offer the amazing amount of content that Skyrim has afforded me.  Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve never invested so much time into a singe play through of a game.  Sure I’ve spent over 100 hours in Mass Effect, but that consisted of 4 separate playthroughs, so the fact that my Skyrim run lasted 134 hours and I’m wanting more only speaks to the awesomeness of this title.  I honestly think that if you don’t dig this game you probably have some form of brain damage.  Without a doubt this game is my #1 title of 2011, and it easily has found itself in my top 5 best video games of all-time list.  You owe it to your country to play Skyrim, and if you consider yourself a scholar of video games you can’t skip this adventure.

This post has ended up serving as my thoughtful goodbye to Bethesda’s RPG masterpiece.  I’m struggling to find a way to end this opinion piece, because I don’t want to let Skyrim go, but I must.  I have unfinished games that require my attention, and it’s about time to put them to bed.  I’ll look back on my Skyrim experience with a smiling heart for many years to come.  Rarely does a game have such an impact on me, but if something can keep my ADD-a*s occupied for 134 hours it deserves the praise.

“Skyrim, I’ll miss you and your adventures. I love you like a brother, and can only hope that others of my kind feel the same way.  You’re a Titan among Men!  Long live your many tales and hours spent with gamers around the globe!  I love you.  Goodbye my digital friend.”

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