14 Pokemon You Didn’t Realize Were Based on Real Animals

Pokemon is one of those pop culture things that has survived (and thrived) for a seriously long time. I mean hell, Pokemon has linked generations of people together!

With some extremely creative (and jaw-droopingly uncreative) creatures, a lot of them are clearly based off of real creatures or well-know mythological creatures. Sure, Torchic is based off a baby chick, Treecko is a gecko (with some tree added), but what the hell is a Mudkip supposed to be? Turns out, they’re actually really cool-looking real life creatures, but check out the video above by Dorkly to see exactly what it’s supposed to be, and see some other cool comparisons! Spoiler alert: Trubbish is based off of a bag of garbage, hope I didn’t crush any dreams with that truth bomb.


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