15 Million Next-Gen iPhones Ordered Hints at Potential Fall Release

Pegatron Technology, an electronics manufacturer in Taiwan, has supposedly reported to Digitimes that they have recently received an order for 15 million next-gen iPhones.  If this is indeed true we could be looking at a Fall release date for the next iPhone, which would logically be the iPhone 5.  None of this has obviously been confirmed by Mr. Jobs and his merry band of geeks, but most rumors are pointing at a Fall release for the next iPhone, so I’m leaning towards this Pegatron announcement as being valid.

I just wish they’d drag Steve’s corpse on stage somewhere to officially announce the successor to the iPhone 4 so I could move on with my life.  You see, I’ve hit an all-time low with my HTC Thunderbolt and its performance, which is driving me towards jumping ship and fully aligning my gadget loyalties with Apple.  I just can’t help but appreciate Apple technology and its simplicity.  They make beautiful products that just f*cking work!  That’s all I ask for as a gadget-head.  I am willing to spend mucho dinero on the latest and greatest devices as long as they’ll work for more than 3 months.  In my experiences with the iPad 2, and now the MacBook Pro, I’m fully confident that when I make the switch to an iPhone, it’ll work like it’s supposed to as well, and for longer than a few months.

For now I’ll have to keep tabs on some Ebay auctions, but if all the bullsh*t on the Internet is true I’d expect the next-gen iPhone to be released anywhere from September to October.  This unconfirmed time period puts me in a pickle, because I don’t know if I should just wait until this Fall to make the switch, or if I should get a used iPhone 4 so I don’t end up smashing my HTC Thunderbolt like an Xbox controller.  Oh well, I’ll keep you posted because this topic is very near and dear to me right now.  I only need one piece of tech to complete the Apple Holy Trinity, but it’s just a matter of waiting, or taking the impatient way out and getting a used 4.  You’ve been wishing that you had struggles in life as pointless as mine…


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