In the latest 15 minutes of Fame I test my Viking skills against Shieldbreak Studios’ Bierzerkers and an internet full of people who are way better at playing games than me!

If you’d like some more info on the game you can read my whole preview here but for those with the short attention span that all Vikings cherish here’s the short version:

Bierzerkers is a team-based multiplayer brawler set in the Viking afterlife where teams of heavy-drinking Viking stock characters face off in order to brutally murder eachother, drink the other teams beer and generally get up to all the mayhem that you would expect. The setting borrows heavily from multiple sources including viking mythology, pop culture and (perhaps most noticeably) Team Fortress 2. Despite this it still manages to feel fresh and new and provide alot of laughs.

Clearly this is a game that spoke loud and clear to me, but if you want to see if it’s for you then just check out my play through above.


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John Fletcher was born in Connectiticut, raised in Philadelphia and then became a man in England. He now lives in Plymouth which sometimes reminds him why his forefathers left there in the first place. Apart from his boring grown up job, John is a gamer, writer and general geek who can sometimes be found dressed as a Viking and swinging axes at other men…luckily most of them are doing the same to him.