In the latest episode of 15 Minutes of Fame I take on BunnyCopter’s Broken Bots, which just hit Steam’s Early Access platform on August 4, 2015 for $6.99.

Broken Bots features 16-player multiplayer action with an offline mode to play by yourself against AI. The game features old school retro video game visuals, a punchy soundtrack, and twin-stick style shooting controls. Gameplay is reminiscent to other multiplayer shooters, so match types range from Team Deathmatch to CTF.

At its core Broken Bots has a system where if your bot gets shot by an enemy it has a chance of malfunctioning, which will affect how it controls. For example, let’s say my bot starts getting peppered with enemy fire. There’s a chance that my bot will be inflicted with a malfunction that could break my guns, driving ability, or other bot busters to make things even harder. These malfunctions aren’t always negative though, as some can actually give your bot a well needed boost.

The gameplay is fast and frenetic and best played with other human players, but the AI is competent if you want to remain in an offline state. Head on up above to see the game in action complete with my commentary. If you like what you see you can buy Broken Bots on Steam’s Early Access platform today!


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