Every game deserves its time in the limelight.

Be it an indie darling, AAA ‘masterpiece’, or an obscure Japan-only PlayStation title, we here at Entertainment Buddha want to make sure that you, oh faithful visitor, can get the best possible coverage of every game under the sun. This philosophy, however improbable it may seem, brought about our newest video series, 15 Minutes of Fame.

In 15 Minutes of Fame, members of the EB staff will provide you with a quick look into a diverse selection of games. No genre or platform is off limits as far as we are concerned, the only hindrance being our willingness to procure a game we want to play.

During each 15 Minutes of Fame episode, you’ll be treated to one of our hosts giving a quick look at each game.

The inaugural episode of 15 Minutes of Fame features¬†Dying Light, a title I believe is best described as ‘thoughtful, yet clunky.’

Check out the video for more.


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