It’s been quite some time since our last 15 Minutes of Fame video game preview, but we’ve dusted off the series to show off a kick-ass title from Tio Atum called Greedy Guns.

Greedy Guns is being developed for the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms by a small three man studio. Its gameplay is a mix of Metroid-style exploration and progression, with Contra-inspired weapons with twin-stick infused controls. When I first fired it up it also reminded me of the excellent Heavy Weapon game from the Xbox 360 Arcade days, which I appreciated immensely.

You can pick one of two characters or play locally with a friend. The game operates on a 2D side-scrolling plane and features plenty of platforming and secrets to explore, and the controls are very precise, so I had a hoot making my way through the opening segments. Greedy Guns’ Metroid comparison is also instantly realized the moment you get through the tutorial and find more than one area to explore. Like a Metroid  game though you can only progress through certain routes after you’ve gained a new power or weapon, so you’re compelled to push towards the unknown to see if you can unlock an area that you couldn’t the first time you came across it.

This game’s Contra influences come with its unlimited ammo spewing weapons, which really does include a gun called the Contra Gun. You can shoot them in 360 degrees of movement and they can be upgraded through pop-up stores that show up throughout the map. Even with the free range of motion and unlimited ammo, things can get really hairy, so Greedy Guns definitely challenges your skill with a controller and your ability to rapidly react to the billion bullets raining towards your face.

Greedy Guns should be out later this year on Steam, and based on my time with it I’m sold on what it offers. Check out the video preview above to see the game in action and to hear my honest impressions on it as I play through its opening level.


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