In the latest episode of our 15 Minutes of Fame YouTube series, I take a look at Induction from Bryan Gale.

Induction is all about a time traveling cube. Each stage requires the cube to reach a very specific location before advancing to the next level, and this must be done with only a few abilities. As I slowly discover in the gameplay video above, the meat of Induction is the use of the space bar. Your actions begin recording themselves from the moment you jump in, and the space bar allows you to shift which colored dimension you reside in. The color swap helps distinguish your past cube-self from your present cube-self, but that’s about the only semblance of handholding this game provides.

Your past self quickly becomes your present self’s best friend, and the two of you must work together in order to overcome these simple yet unassumingly complex levels. Stages are designed with a minimalistic touch, relying upon soft, complimenting color palettes, geometric shapes, and an audio ambiance bordering on the side of soundscapes to set the mood.

Head up to the video above to watch me struggle with my inability to solve puzzles and speak aloud at the same time. If you like what you see, consider checking out Induction on Steam. There are more levels where these came from—over fifty of them, in fact. Just prepare your mind for the paradoxical perplexity that follows.


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