In the latest episode of our 15 Minutes of Fame video series I take Fugitive Games’ Into The Stars for a spin as I try to guide the last remnants of humanity to a new planet, while also trying to avoid the evil Skorn aliens that destroyed Earth in the first place.¬†This game has been billed as The Oregon Trail in space, which I can now confirm is a dead on comparison after getting hands-on time with the Early Access build that is now available on Steam for $19.99.

It’s up to you to choose a commander, outfit your spaceship with supplies and gadgets for farming new resources, and to choose a crew that can best handle the journey into the unknown. Along the way you’ll have to manage disasters on your ship, which can include civilian unrest, engine room fires, virus outbreaks, and other unfortunate circumstances that can occur on a journey through space to find a new planet for the human race. You’ll also have to avoid Skorn attackers, and research new planets to find the resources you need to keep your ship running and its inhabitants alive.

In terms of gameplay Into The Stars mainly features point-and-click gameplay and a bit of reading to explain the events taking place on your ship, as well as what types of resources can be mined from the various planets you explore. The most action oriented segments take place when you choose to mine a planet with your mining rig, which consists of a mini-game that tasks you with moving the drill head back and forth to pick up resources without hitting solid areas that can break your drill. Enemy encounters also feature a bit of action, but it mainly consists of you picking a defense team from your crew and clicking on buttons that allow you to fire your offensive weapons, or to block incoming enemy fire. Although, you’re severely outgunned, so your best bet is to avoid conflict at all costs.

The core gameplay revolves around exploration of space, which can be done in a third-person view of your ship, or in a first person view from the commander’s chair. Your spaceship is massive and moves like a behemoth, so you won’t be getting into any dogfights, but you do get to control where your ship goes and can do barrel rolls to show off for the camera.

If you enjoy point-and-click adventures that require strategic management of resources, then you will enjoy Into The Stars. It truly is The Oregon Trail in space, complete with diarrhea epidemics and unruly passengers. It’s light on intense action sequences, but offers plenty of content for strategy aficionados, and with its permadeath you will be greatly challenged to keep your crew alive and well before finding a new planet to call home.

Head on up above to see the game in action with my impressions in the latest 15 Minutes of Fame episode!


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