In the latest episode of 15 Minutes of Fame I take on Clever Plays’ Leap of Fate, which is a top-down Diablo-like card game infused RPG for PCs. The game is still in Early Access on Steam, so it’s not a complete version, but still offers plenty to take in and appreciate.

First things first, this game is brutal to say the least. I’m talking ramming your head into a wall brutal, but that may be a good thing depending on how much you enjoy the roguelike gameplay genre. In terms of its gameplay it uses a random card deck system to guide you through each level. The cards can offer power ups and bonuses, as well as challenges to earn more loot and mana, which can be applied to a skill tree.

The core gameplay is very similar to a Diablo, albeit with permadeath. The fact that you must use a keyboard and mouse only is a big negative in my eyes, mainly because I’m not a fan of that control scheme and prefer a gamepad over traditional PC gaming controls. The setup definitely led to many of my deaths, all of which you can see in the gameplay video above. Leap of Fate requires precise and fast twitch movements for any chance of success, so I believe the use of a keyboard specifically hinders the player’s ability to fairly compete with the AI.

With that being said Leap of Fate still offers a unique gameplay experience for just $15.99, so if you like watching me get owned by it above, make sure to pick it up for your Steam library today!



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