In the latest episode of 15 Minutes of Fame I take on Party Hard from Pinokl, which is a tactical game about mass murder. Sounds pleasant right, well it’s all in good fun and thanks to the Atari-style graphics it’s not like you are inundated with gruesome imagery, rather the pixelated visuals remind you that you’re just playing a silly video game that just so happens to be about murdering people for partying too hard.

The gameplay is simple but very challenging since you can’t let anyone see you commit murder, so taking out a party full of 51 people is no joke, especially when they start to catch on to your sinister plot. You can murder people with your handy knife, or you can use the environment to take them out with gas cans, ovens, water puddles, trees, and anything else that you can use to kill someone with. While plotting the deaths of the party goers is a blast, it soon becomes clear that Party Hard is all about patience and timing, which may not bode well for all gamers, especially those who like fast moving experiences.

Hell, I couldn’t even make it past the second level during the 15 Minutes of Fame episode, so the difficulty is no joke, or I’m just the worst Party Hard player on the planet. I will admit that I had fun and wanted to embrace the challenge, but due to the limited time of a 15 Minutes of Fame episode I couldn’t continue on with the pain.

The game is set to come out on August 25, 2015 on Steam. You can check out some of the new features that will be in place below.

New Party Hard features:

– gang behavior, people will gang up on you if you’re aggressive in a crowd
– firemen will come in case of fire
– paramedics will come to collect dead bodies
– in case of gang violence, explosions, robberies, or other extreme chaos — a SWAT team will come and sort things out
– agents will secure the area, soldiers will knock anyone out who is in their way
– in case of drugs, DEA will come and attempt to arrest everyone in sight
– there are occasional shady dealers whom you can buy things from
– levels are now semi-procedural, they will have random events happen, slightly different layouts
– AI treats you the same way as other AI characters
– more interesting AI behaviors – going for a smoke, joining the dance floor in case of gogo dancers, etc
– rare special events
– special items, including a bomb

Let me know what you think of the game and my inability to conquer it by leaving a comment below.


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