In the latest episode of 15 Minutes of Fame I take on Serenity Forge’s Pixel Galaxy, which is a PC twin-stick mover that blends a few popular gameplay tropes together to create an addicting casual gaming experience.

Pixel Galaxy reminds me of a game that would result from Geometry Wars having a baby with Tetris, who also had genes from Breakout. Gameplay consists of moving a square pixel around the map while avoiding pixel missiles from enemy pixels. The rub is that you don’t control your projectiles, you only control your movements, so this is where the Tetris comparison comes into play. To gain any sort of offensive firepower you must ram into enemy pixels, which in turn will add them to your own pixel, so over time you can increase the size of your pixel while also gaining the firepower of the enemy pixels you ran into.

This may sound simple, but to gain new pixels you must do your best to avoid their missiles as you get close enough to them to fold them into your lone pixel’s expanding girth. This mechanic keeps things very interesting because you have to constantly dodge incoming fire while also trying to build upon your pixel. Frenetic is a great way of describing a Pixel Galaxy session, so if you like testing your fast-twitch skills, this title will surely give you a run for your money.

The Breakout comparison comes into play during the boss battles, which require you to use your uncontrollable missiles to chip away at the boss’s pixel armor to get to the shiny core. Boss battles get very interesting, because again you don’t control your offensive capabilities, you only control your movements, so you must constantly dodge around the screen to ensure you angle your missiles in the right location to score a hit.

The game is only $10 on Steam, so check out the 15 Minutes of Fame episode for it above to see if it tickles a gaming itch you’ve had. It’s not deep, but it’s addicting and challenging enough to warrant a $10 spot on it.


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