You may have to act fast if you want to catch these two behind the scenes featurettes for the upcoming (In the US at least) Thor movie.  I would think that these vids were ganked from somewhere, so I’d imagine once the studio gets wind of them they’ll be pulled and the YouTube poster will be caned.  Piracy just isn’t what is used to be!  Anyway, these two videos give you a look at what it takes to bring the God of Thunder to life on the big screen.  I’ve always been a fan of the “making of” shorts that come with Blu-rays and DVDs (Seriously who watches regular DVD’s), because I love seeing what goes into making these big budget super duper effects movies tick.

In the first Thor behind the scenes vid you’ll get to see actor Chris Hemsworth doing some fight scenes, and most important of all you get to see him reclaim Mjolnir from it’s resting place.  There’s also plenty of fight scenes to watch, so if you’re a fan of watching movie fighting then these videos will be right up your alley.  Not that I wasn’t jacked about seeing this movie before, but after watching these behind the scenes videos I’m foaming at the mouth to check this superhero flick out.  Plus, what self-respecting geek doesn’t want to see one of the hottest fem-geeks of this era in Natalie Portman?  Check out the 2 featturettes below.  You’ve been hoping that Marvel hasn’t pulled these things yet…


Thor Behind the Scenes Part I



Thor Behind the Scenes Part II



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