There really aren’t many things for free in life anymore, but when there is it makes my soul smile.  Last night while wrapping up my gaming session on the Xbox 360 I came across Microsoft’s new Game Room DLC.  I’ve read about it and never really thought it spoke to me.  The Game Room is your very own digital coin-op arcade where you can buy and install various classic arcade machines to play for your avatar and friends.

Even though I grew up in the genesis of the video game era I was never really a fan of the late 70’s and early 80’s arcade games.  They always seemed so cheap looking and they were frustratingly hard.  Have any of you older gamers ever went back and played some of the old games from your childhood?  They’re some of the hardest challenges ever made.  No wonder my controller biting and smashing routine started at a young age.  I can still remember my first NES controller smash over Batman.  Those were the days, now controllers take some serious beatings before they succumb to your hate.

Alright, back on topic.  In a nutshell the Game Room will take you back to the days when arcades ruled the entertainment landscape.  Once you have downloaded the Game Room, and the two game packs, you’ll be taken to the Showcase Arcade.  This is where your first free 5G comes in.  When I saw that familiar little [slider title=”cheve”]Cheve is The Entertainment Buddha’s term for an Xbox 360 Achievement.  It can also be used as Cheves to indicate the plural form of Achievements.  Achievements are the ingenious form of recognizing a gamer’s accomplishments in a particular title.  I live for these things and they have seriously altered how gamers play games.  It’s similar to the invention of fire and how it changed man.[/slider] message pop up I almost spit all over the TV in excitment!  You may ask why I got so excited, well it’s because I wasn’t expecting any cheves just for playing a free piece of DLC.  Hell I wasn’t even playing anything, that’s what made the moment even more exciting.  After that little gift I decided to press on and explore more of this magical cheve giver known as the Game Room.

I played some of the demos of the classic arcade games and navigated my way through the menus, and this is where more of the free cheves started to come in.  You can customize your own arcade, which is a separate entity from the showcase arcade, which is meant to server as a portal to test and purchase new games and crap for your own arcade.  Being the inquisitive person I am I decided to tool around with the customization of my own arcade, so I plopped in one of the free themes to one of my rooms, and wouldn’t you know another 5G message popped up!  Now I’m sitting at 10G all for free, and the best part is I still didn’t have to play anything at all.

It’s safe to say that at this point I’m almost ready to yell at the top of my lungs, ” I love the Game Room and all of its old crappy arcade games! “, because of this cheve fest I’ve found myself in.  Now I’ve caught on to the fact that there is free cheves to be had, so I started trying all kinds of shit with my customization.  I decided that if I can get 5G for trying out a new theme maybe this Decor option will pay out as well.  I found the first free piece of decor and dropped it in one of my rooms, and just like bears shit in the woods I got another free 5G!  At this point I was thoroughly elated, but I also figured that I probably exhausted all of the free cheves for the time being.

I decided that after getting 15G for free I’d dig a little deeper into the Game Room itself.  I have to say that the games, although neat to play, really show their age compared to the masterpieces we play today.  I’m sure there is a market for these games, but I find it hard to play a game that kicks my ass and looks like a color blind person designed the graphics.  What was with all of the technicolor back in those days?

Games aside, you can tell there was a ton of work that went into making the Game Room appealing to the new gamer.  You can issue challenges to your friends with limitless criteria for all of the games in the arcade.  There are global leaderboards to show off your skills, and the best part is you can watch any of the gamer’s runs to the top via an instant replay system.  On top of the easy cheves I got for shits and giggles, there is also a ton of them for leveling up your arcade scores as well.  You get achievements for your arcade level, which is based on your progress throughout all of your arcade games.  Finally, you can also get medals for each arcade game, and they all have their own criteria to achieve them.

Sorry for being long winded, but the Game Room requires a bit more explanation.  To sum it up for you the Game Room is free to download as well as two game packs from Atari 2600 and Intellivision.  You are guaranteed to get at least 15G for free and doing almost nothing.  The Game Room offers that classic arcade feel with tweaks for the current gamer such as cheves, leaderboards, rank level, challenges, etc.  Ultimately, to really rake in the cheves for this piece of DLC you’ll need to pony up some cash and actually buy the arcade machines, but I’ll take 15G any day just to try something out for free.

You’ve been enlightened…


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