2-Minute Reviews: Midway – Silly Accents and a Bad Edit Sink the Amazing Action

Midway 2019 is now in theaters, and while its battle segments are impressive visually, the rest of its working parts are subpar at best. The acting and edit are the two biggest culprits in sucking most of the awesome out of this film, which could have been a really intense WWII movie if it weren’t for these fumbles.

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Hey now fans of World War II movies, Matt Heywood here to review Midway, or what I like to a series of scenes that were supposed to resemble a coherent film. 

Midway had potential to be an epic World War II film full of pacific theater war action, but it ends up turning into a narrative clusterfuck thanks to sloppy editing, and really bad acting from most of the cast. 

The acting you can sorta get past. I mean some of the accents put on by the likes of Ed Skrein, the Jonas dude, and  Luke Evans are so cliche that you question how someone didn’t tell them that they sounded like assholes.

Just envision anyone you’ve ever met who does a really bad New York/New Jersey, or even a Boston accent, and that’s pretty much what most of the main characters sound like. It’s laughable really, but sad, because it takes away from the seriousness of the situations the characters are thrust into. 

But the real downfall of Midway is its haphazardly organized narrative, which never really seems to tell a cohesive story. This movie jumps all over the place with little to no explanation, so it’s nearly impossible to follow the events that led to the amazing victory at Midway for the U.S. Navy. And there are plot holes galore, with some threads being ignored completely after receiving considerable buildup.

The wonky edit also robs the characters of feeling authentic because they’re never developed outside of action bits, which are quite impressive to watch, but even these visual treats aren’t enough to elevate Midway beyond a mediocre affair. 

It’s a 6 out of 10 type of flick at best, and outside of its WWII action set pieces, it doesn’t have much going for it, so you can wait on this one.

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Review Summary

Story - 4.5
Cinematography - 8.5
Sound - 8
Acting - 4
Entertainment Value - 5



Midway's janky narrative and silly east coast accents hold it back from being a quality WWII flick.

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