2010 NFL Draft: The Detroit Lions Ruin Two More Kid’s Lives

The Detroit Lions, literally one of the worst teams in NFL history, have managed to nab two more 1st rounders with their pathetic 2009 campaign of losing.  Teams like Detroit shouldn’t be allowed to draft players in the first round for the sake of wasting talent.  The Lions made some trades to get two first round picks this year, nabbing Ndamukong Suh with the 2nd pick and Jahvid Best with the 30th pick.  The Vikes gave them the 30th pick for the Lions spot in the second round.

You can make the point that these two young men’s live aren’t ruined at all.  After all they’ll make more money than most of us do in our lifetimes just by playing for a shitty football team, but deep down don’t you feel bad for these guys?  When does anyone pan out in Detroit?  Calvin Johnson puts up some good numbers, but in the overall scheme of things football is a team sport, so when you do well as an individual on a crap team no one really cares.

I know most NFL players do it for the money and why shouldn’t they, but don’t you think these young athletes probably groan when they here they’ve been picked by the Lions?  These kids don’t want to live in Detroit, hell not many people in the US want to live there.  The point is, two more talented football players will sink into oblivion now that they’re careers are starting in D-Town, but at least they’re going to get PAID!

I also feel bad for Sam Bradford.  He went number one overall to the St. Louis Rams, another team plagued by mediocrity.  I have a feeling he ain’t going to do a damn thing there.  When is the last time a #1 drafted QB ever did a thing?  Did Peyton go number one?  If he did he’s the only one I can think of.  I never really felt Bradford was any team’s answer anyway.  The dude hasn’t really even played a competitive game since Florida beat the tar out of him two years ago in the BCS Championship match.  This is another kid I’ll be watching closely to see if his star sinks faster than a fat guy’s hands in a tub of ice cream.

Finally, the Denver Broncos went out on a limb and grabbed Tim “The second coming of Christ” Tebow with the 25th pick overall.  Tebow is one guy that everyone hates because he’s such a good dude.  I really think Denver made a wise gamble.  I just have a feeling that this guy is going to do something with his life.  I really wanted the Steelers to take a chance on him, but they went with some meatbag to help protect Rapelisberger when he eventually plays football again, and quits whipping his mini-me out.

The second round of the draft continues today, so stay tuned for more untested talent getting picked up for more money than most of us can ever dream of having.  Lucky bastards!

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