For the first time ever the staff of Entertainment Buddha has voted on a series of video game awards to kick off a new annual Golden Buddha Video Game tribute to the best games of the year. We laid out multiple categories for the team to vote on, and some of the results surprised even us.

2014 was an odd year in gaming thanks to the delay of multiple current-gen titles to 2015, a slew of buggy AAA launches, overhyped games, and of course the dreaded gamer gate, but overall it still offered a few gems for gamers to enjoy and add to their personal favorite video games of all-time lists. A few of these titles are more than likely captured in our award categories below, so head on down to see which games we heaped praise on, as well as a few that we felt missed the mark. Feel free to chime in with your own opinions using the comment section below.

Best Action/Adventure Game – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Talion is even more deadly while mounted on a ridable beast

Monolith’s new IP set in Tolkien’s Middle-earth with Peter Jackson’s visual style surprised everyone thanks to its innovative Nemesis system. It also shined thanks to the improved upon Batman Arkham combat mechanics, and the Assassin’s Creed inspired parkour. The action was intense, and watching orc heads fly in slow motion had to be one of the coolest video game animations in 2014. The story wasn’t too shabby either.

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Best RPG Game – Dragon Age: Inquisition


This was a controversial pick for the staff because South Park had many supporters, but Bioware’s latest Dragon Age title won out. Considering the massive amount of content to explore, and the fact that it had branching paths and a world full of unique characters, Dragon Age: Inquisition ultimately deserves the award. Any game that can get people to spend over 100 hours of their precious time playing it has to be special, and the narrative is actually quite intriguing, which helps to keep you glued to what this game has to offer.

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Best First Person Shooter – Wolfenstein: The New Order


Alternate history where Nazis rule supreme? Dual-wielding assault rifles? Troughs full of gore and giblets? An actual story to get involved in? Wolfenstein: The New Order had all of these, which is why it was our clear pick as the best FPS game of 2014. This game showed the world why the franchise has been a staple in the industry, and why the FPS genre exists.

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Best Third Person Shooter – Sunset Overdrive


This game looks like it was created by people high on energy drinks and tripping balls, but that’s one of the reasons it stands out as being this year’s best third person shooter. Insomniac Games has created a unique take on the genre thanks to the bounce and grind gameplay mechanics, which completely change how you must approach combat. The vibrant world was fun to live in, and the Saints Row style narrative is highly memorable, which adds to Sunset’s overall appeal.

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