Best Sony Exclusive

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Our very own Amanda Russell reviewed Uncharted 4 back in September, praising it for its ability to close out the series in such a strong fashion. It’s not a simple task to maintain such interest in a series once it passes the trilogy marker, but Uncharted 4 remains one of the most talked about video games of the year. Whether its attention is born of critique or praise, it’s a remarkable peak for Sony in terms of exclusives.

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Best Microsoft Exclusive

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 again?! It truly is difficult to beat the love this series receives, but we feel the praise is absolutely warranted. Microsoft had quite a few exclusives this year, but ReCore ultimately disappointed us with such promise in its premise and Cuphead got delayed to 2017, so what do you do? You give the Golden Buddha to the indisputably beautiful Gears of War 4. If there’s any one reason to pick yourself up an Xbox One S, the allure of this game will twist your arm until you cave.

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Best Nintendo Exclusive

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo continues to reign supreme in the realm of the handheld, unfortunately at the cost of a shortened lifespan for the Wii U. Pokemon Sun and Moon make everything okay, though, and truly shows what Nintendo excels at: portable, pre-established series fantastic enough to keep us from wanting anything wholly foreign. Sun and Moon both change up the Pokemon formula just enough to attract fans and newcomers alike. We won’t label these two games as the series’ magnum opus, but developer Gamefreak ensured that they’re both contenders for the title.

Best Character of the Year

BT-7274 (Titanfall 2)

I honestly can’t say anything about BT that our own Nathaniel Smyth hasn’t articulated in his review. I’ll leave it at this: Titanfall 2 boasts a connection between Jack and BT that is damn near impossible to replicate in any other series. Is it still a bromance if it’s a love between man and machine? You tell us.

Read Nat’s review here.

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