Weirdest Game

Genital Jousting

In all of the possible realms of reality that exist within the multiverse, there is not a single one in which I could write something that better captures Genital Jousting‘s identity than the screenshot above. Look at it. If you need further proof that this game exists, just…click here, I guess. You’ve been warned.

It’s only $4.99 when it’s not on sale, so you should probably just skip the fast food one day and purchase this gem with the money you save. For science, you know?

Scariest Game

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Gamers will either remember 2016 for the release of virtual reality headsets, or lament on 2016 for the release of virtual reality headsets. Whether or not you’re a believer in its future, no one can deny that despite its complications in accurately marketing the experience, this is an entirely new playing field. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood may very well be the first virtual reality experience you have with a horror element so prevalent in its design. Its effectiveness may wane over time, but your first journey through the game will lead you through a swath of scenarios from an anxiety-ridden horror show that, quite literally, fully envelopes your primary senses.

You might want to strap in to play this one before Resident Evil 7 comes out in January. If the Kitchen demo is of any indication, you’re going to want to desensitize yourself now while you still can. You’ll thank yourself later.

Best HD Remaster

BioShock: The Collection

BioShock has a special place in my heart, and apparently I am not alone. The world of Rapture captured our attention two times over before thrusting us into an obsession with Columbia, BioShock Infinite‘s floating feat of mankind. BioShock: The Collection wraps up all three games in a beautifully updated package with the inclusion of all their DLC, visually improved versions of the first two, and what I believe is my fifth time playing through the original. While PC players have had the luxury of updated graphics for quite some time now, it’s nice to finally be up to graphical speed on a console.

Skyrim Special Edition was in the running, but there’s just something about Rapture and Columbia that we can’t shake.

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