20XX PS4 Version PAX East 2018 Preview

20XX is easily one of the best Mega Man X-inspired games ever made. Combining the smooth run-and-gun action platforming of the X series with rogue-like elements, it’s a fantastic game to play. At least, with a controller it is, I don’t dare try to play like keyboard controls, my hands don’t work well enough like that.

However, you’ll never have to worry about that even being an option again, because the game is coming out on PS4! It feels great on the PS4, it runs super-smooth, it looks great, and playing co-op with somebody is just as fun as ever. It’ll also already have Hawk, the DLC character who uses her trusty whip to steal energy from enemies. She basically has unlimited energy in that sense and can use boss weapons to her heart’s content. She also has access to five newer abilities, the best one, in my opinion being the Blast Jump, which is basically just another jump but you explode when you do it. It makes getting over certain platforming obstacles nearly trivial as you can essentially fly over them, especially if you have a double jump.

I got to play the con-friendly version of the game together with the lead man on the game, who you can find on twitter here. By con-friendly I mean that it basically just throws in-game currency at you so you can just buy everything every time you go to the in-game store. It makes you really stupidly over-powered really fast and it was actually pretty fun and made me appreciate how challenging the game actually is. We ended up playing through the entirety of the game, actually, in rather quick fashion, and talked about all things Mega Man. It was a great time and one of my favorite interviews that I had at the show. I asked him if he thought we would ever get a Mega Man X9 and he said yes because he wants to make it and “Sonic Mania that shit.”

I sincerely hope that he does, because if his work with 20XX is anything to go by, then he would make an awesome Mega Man X9. If you’ve never played the game and you have a computer that can run it (and you most likely do), you should check it out on Steam. I’m a life-long Mega Man X fan and I can whole-heartedly say that 20XX is the closest you can get to the series without actually playing it.

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