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Irreverent humor isn’t just for the younger crowd these days, and 3 Geezers! is a movie that will prove this to everyone. The geriatric generation still has a lust for life, and in this film the elderly aren’t going to just roll over, they are going to live out their golden years in style.

3 Geezers! stars character actor extraordinaire J.K. Simmons as he spends time at a retirement home, learning what it ‘really feels like to be old’. He is quick to learn that old age doesn’t have to slow you down, and the residents of Coconut’s Retirement Home are quick to show him just that.

Featuring record-spinning grannies and grandfathers with a wicked chokehold, Simmons’ character J. Kimball, learns very quickly that the folks at the retirement home are more active than he could have ever imagined. They play pranks on each other, dance better than most teenagers, and even pinch a few nurses on the behind. Old age doesn’t slow these elders down at all.

The trailer features some homages to the classic ‘teen’ comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High and even has a nod to James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. In the two minute trailer, there are some seriously great moments that will resonate with young and old alike.

3 Geezers! is set to release May 22nd in select theatres and Video On Demand simultaneously. With a great ensemble cast including J.K Simmons, Tim Allan, Scott Caan, and more hilarious geezers than you can shake a cane at, this looks to be a movie that certainly warrants a watch.

3 Geezers! Trailer (2013)

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