3 VFX Featurettes From The Hobbit: Gollum, Azog, and the Goblin King

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Peter Jackson and crew have released three behind the scenes VFX featurettes in an attempt to show the Oscar judges just how awesome their CGI work in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey really is.  The three spots focus on Gollum’s upgrades, the Goblin King and his scrotum neck, and Azog the Defiler beastly build.

I found each of these CG characters to look exquisite in the film, so it’s hard to pick one as the best looking computer animated character, but if a gun was put to my head I’d have to go with Gollum.  How can you not love that little fish eating psychopath, and Andy Serkis’ portrayal of him?

Now on the flip side if you asked me which of the three looked the most fake I’d have to go with the Goblin King.  To me he just seemed a little too cartoonish looking versus the menacing look that most of the other goblins and orcs possessed.  Regardless, WETA’s work on each of these characters is superb, and if they’re indeed up for an Oscar they should definitely give the competition a run for their money. You can check out all three behind the scenes reels after the break.  You’ve been wishing you had a pet Gollum who wasn’t psychotic…

Goblin King


Azog the Defiler

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