30 Somethings, This Video Will Confirm That You’re Now Old!

It seems like just yesterday when cassette tapes, records, and the original Game Boy were considered all the rage, but now most of the younger generations don’t even know what they are.  This video highlights how foreign some of these devices have become to the younger crowd.  It’s a nice retrospective for those of us born in the 80’s, but at the same time it’s also a clear indicator that we’ve moved on to the next stage in life, which mainly consists of working and eventual death!  It is hilarious to see how children born in the new millennium interpret the toys from our youth.

I loved seeing the old Fisher Price record player!  Who didn’t have one of those when they were little?  I can still remember playing on mine and listening to those little 45 RPM records that would have the first ever expanded universe Star Wars stories on them.  See, I’ve been a geek from the begininng!  You can call me whatever you want except for a poser.  Unless you’re referring to me trying to be a crackpot journalist of some sort.  Then that term fits perfectly.  Check out these kids playing with the toys from your youth below.  You’ve been made to feel really old for the first time in life…

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