4 Recent Celebrities To Tragically Succumb To Addiction

4 Recent Celebrities To Tragically Succumb To Addiction

Addiction is life-altering and has the potential to be deadly. While millions anonymously struggle with addiction every day – as we have seen in the news recently – even celebrities are not immune. The tragic deaths of these celebrities do not have to be repeated by others. Utah rehab centers can help provide addicts the support and treatment they need to recover and avoid a potential disaster.

1. Cory Monteith

Rising actor – and heartthrob of “Glee” fame – Cory Monteith died at age 31 in July of 2013. A self-confessed addict, Cory had struggled with heroin and alcohol addiction since his teen years. Though he had visited with friends earlier in the evening, Cory died alone. He was found dead in his hotel room from a dangerous mixture of heroin and alcohol. His “Glee” co-star and girlfriend Lea Michelle made a heartfelt plea for privacy shortly after his death, underscoring the devastating consequences of addiction.

2. Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly made a name for himself in the 1990’s as part of the rap duo Kris Kross. Though the first album was more popular than subsequent albums, family members have indicated that Chris Kelley was poised for a comeback. Rather than realizing that dream – shortly after reuniting with former producer Jermaine Dupri for the 20th anniversary of his label – Kelly died at age 34 in May of 2013. His death was caused by a lethal combination of heroin, cocaine and a host of other drugs.

3. Whitney Houston

Singer Whitney Houston and her former husband Bobby Brown were tabloid fodder for years during a very public battle with marijuana, alcohol and crack cocaine addiction. Houston’s once promising career stalled as her addiction took over and her marriage with Brown became unstable and unpredictable. Though she was beginning to stage a career comeback in the months leading up to her death, addiction ultimately got the better of her. Houston died at age 48, in February of 2012, leaving behind a heartbroken daughter Bobbi Christina.

4. Amy Winehouse

Blues singer Amy Winehouse battled drug and alcohol addiction for years before succumbing at the young age of 27 in July of 2011. The troubled singer – whose autobiographical song “Rehab” hit the Billboard Top 100 and earned several awards – struggled with cocaine, heroin and alcohol addiction. In the end, she died of an alcohol overdose. Amy’s mother, though devastated, acknowledged that she did not expect her daughter to survive her addiction.

These deaths are poignant reminders that addiction can destroy lives and leave behind grieving loved ones. Let them then serve as a reminder that it is never too late to seek help. Utah rehab centers can provide the support and safe environment addicts need in order to recover before tragedy strikes.


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