4 Spoilerific X-Men: First Class Behind the Scenes Videos

In a surprising move that mirrors the ‘Thor’ film, ‘X-Men: First Class’ had some of its behind the scenes videos released to the public yesterday, and they’re quite juicy. Each video takes us behind the camera to see what went into making the fourth X-Men movie.  Just like the videos for ‘Thor’ I was highly entertained watching how the film’s crew went about making a movie of this scale.  It’s still amazing to see some of the tricks that filmmakers have at their disposal to pull of the on screen wizardry that we see when a movie of this nature is finally released.

Emma Frost is One Sexy Mutant!

Love it or hate it, CGI has made superhero movies such as this one possible, but as you’ll see in these videos it’s always not up to a computer to make things sci-fi shots look authentic.  I must warn you, if you don’t want to spoil this movie for yourself you may want to hold off on watching these until you see ‘X-Men: First Class’.  They don’t give away the entire movie, but many scenes are featured, which may count as spoilers for some of you die hards, so you’ve been WARNED ABOUT POSSIBLE SPOILERS!  If you like to flirt with danger than mosey on down below to watch the behind the scenes footage for Marvel’s ‘X-Men: First Class’.  You’ve been tempted to take a peek behind the curtain…

‘X-Men: First Class’ B Roll 1


‘X-Men: First Class’ B Roll 2


‘X-Men: First Class’ B Roll 3


‘X-Men: First Class’ B Roll 4



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