One of the reasons for iPhone’s success is that Apple updates its products and applications way ahead of other brands. Gaming on iPhone is more than fun and Apple makes sure they keep updating games consistently. Apple has introduced some great games for its iOS platform and iDevices; here are the top 5:

1. Chaos Rings II

Chaos Rings II has been accredited with superb graphics and depth details. This game lets the user explore new captivating adventures with a lot of fighting against the Destroyer, who is responsible for the destruction of the world. One of the best things about Chaos Rings II is that it can attract all sorts of gamers, as well as those who haven’t played its earlier versions Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega. With enhanced graphics, a strong storyline, and the amazing iPhone gaming experience, this game has become one of the hottest selling titles on the Apple App Store.

Chaos Rings II Launch Trailer short version


2. AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! Force = Mass x Acceleration

This particular game is centered around base jumping from skyscrapers. This game is about jumping from tall buildings and performing stunts in air and making split second decisions to make the stunts perfect. The user can glide down the super-skyscrapers to earn points and rewards. Combining the features of the game with the iPhone tilt controls make this game’s experience one of the latest crazes with iPhone gamers.  This game is tailor made for hot blooded young gamers.

Official AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (Force = Mass x Acceleration) Launch Trailer


3. Hunters 2

Hunters 2 is a sequel to the last years Hunters: Episode One and it offers an awesome game experience for the player. This game is a super hit among the strategy game lovers as it offers hundreds of new weapons and armor options. This game has some enhanced features such as new enemy types, new environments, new mini guns, and plasma rifles. Players can take their team of mercenaries across the galaxy to get the best contracts. With a lot of action and more missions, this game happens to be the best action strategy game available in the App Store.

Official Hunters 2 Launch Trailer


4. Swordigo

The fantasy world of Zelda takes the player to a place where one can jump, run, and fight through the journey that is full of adventure and dangers. Swordigo takes the user to explore the magical realm of the dungeons, find the treasures of the town, and fight against the monsters. This game provides full action with optimized game play and the latest features such as synchronizing saves between the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad through iCloud. The Retina display makes the game play on the iPhone a sheer pleasure.

Swordigo – iOS Gameplay Trailer


5. Waking Mars

Waking Mars takes the user to the red planet in the year 2097 because life is discovered on Mars. The player gets trapped on Mars in an alien ecosystem and the player has to find ways to survive. The player has to discover the mysteries of mars and decode mysterious signals of the unearthly strange creatures. The player has to learn the diet habits of these creatures, and also find different ways to survive them. Waking Mars has been exclusively designed for iOS. This game is a captivating and elegant game that takes the player to a science fiction world.

Waking Mars – Launch Trailer



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