All celebrities have amazing style, yet some of them make over-the-top wardrobe choices that the average Joe just can’t. On one hand, you have celebrities like Lady Gaga who wear clothes that might be way too over-the top to wear, even if it’s Halloween. Then, on the other hand, you have celebrities who spend thousands of dollars on pricey duds. Luckily, these 5 celebrities have a fantastic style sense that anyone can rock.

Taylor Swift’s sophisticated-glam style:


When she started out her career as a teenage cutie, Taylor wore girl-next-door clothes like regular jeans and t-shirts. Then, she went through a country cutie phase where cowboy boots and sparkles were definitely her closet must-haves. Now, she is a fashion icon who wears some of the most amazing outfits when she’s walking the carpet, and her street style is amazing as well. Taylor loves to wear cute retro t-shirts with tailored high-waist shorts. Beautiful tea-length dresses, cute sun dresses, skinny jeans and retro sunglasses also make up most of Swift’s closet. You can purchase new designer dresses to snag Swift’s sophisticated style.

Lauren Conrad’s girly style:


Lauren Conrad knows how to dress. Conrad is definitely a girly girl who wears some of the most spectacular dresses. Snagging Conrad’s style is something every woman can accomplish because it’s so effortlessly easy to pull off. Blazers can dress up any outfit including the scruffiest of cut-off shorts, so you should have one in your closet. You can also wear dresses in soft, girly colors like coral, light pink and lavender.

Emma Watson’s classic with a twist style:


Emma Watson has been known as a style icon since the moment she chopped off her long, flowing mane into a chic pixie. Emma’s style is classic, yet she always does something to spice it up like pairing a simple pair of pumps with things like jaw-dropping designer cut out tops.

Kim Kardashian’s dressy duds:


Kim K. is definitely one of the most stylish celebrities. Whether she wears a sophisticated dress or trendy pair of leather pants, she always looks great. Rocking Kim’s style is simple: All you have to do is purchase classic yet daring pieces. Her trendsetting style has the perfect mixture of dressy and casual.

Katy Perry’s cutesy style:


Okay, some of her outfits aren’t exactly wearable, but when Katy decides to tone it down a bit, she ends up looking awesome. Her casual street style always has hints of cuteness or kookiness that looks unique, not overdone.


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