5 Cool Tips for Tricking Out Your RC Car

Radio Controlled Cars or RC Cars are one of the most popular toys among many people. It is well-known that RC cars help children to develop their mental skills when engaging in this fun activity. These toys help the young ones to get across the developmental stages of their lives. By entrusting children with RC cars, parents would also be offering them a chance to become responsible people since they would have to care for these toys. The other benefits of having a RC car are the development of hand-eye coordination and motor skills in children.

Your RC car should not have to be like the other ones; you have the option of tricking it out to make it look cool. Tricking out your RC could involve modifying it from the exterior to the interior. You have the option of painting it, adding decals, giving it more power or changing the rims or tires. Basically, the customization could be hinged upon your personal tastes or desires.

Tips on tricking out the RC

If you are customizing your RC for the first time, the process may be an arduous one. The following tips could be helpful in this regard:

Creating custom decals

The first step in tricking out your RC would be to improvise it with decals. In most cases, your car would come with its decals in place; you can change these decals if you wish. Alternatively, you can opt for a blank car, which you can then decorate with the decals of your choice. You should probably look for sticker printing software that will enable you to come up with the decals of your choice. Also, such software is cost effective since they often contain sticker paper.

Install turbochargers

The installation of nitro turbochargers will provide the RC with the speed intensity that it deserves. It is influential in boosting the acceleration capacity as well as improving its maximum speed. Finding a turbocharger is easy considering the fact that most manufacturers provide these accessories. However, it would be cost effective to invest in your own turbochargers. When choosing a turbocharger, you must ensure that it has enough power in relation to the design and weight of your toy. The right amount of power will have a big influence in steering and control.

Build a RC track

What is a RC car without a RC track? By building a track to accommodate your toy, you will be heightening the thrills associated with the toy. This is in lieu of the fact that driving the toy through dull lawns in the neighborhood can be such a boring experience. Above all, your RC track could be host to some of the most intense races or competitions involving other enthusiasts from the area. The key to building a great RC track is to formulate a good and comprehensive design.

Painting the car with a cool color

You can also make your car look cooler or flashier by giving it a new coat of paint. Luckily, there are numerous color schemes in the market that you can choose to paint your car. You can paint the interior and exterior where in the former’s case, you would be shielding the RC car from the tear and wear associated with racing.

Give the car a new body

Making the car flashier or cooler could also materialize by infusing it with a new body. This prevents it from looking cheap and unattractive on the race track. Making a new body requires the right components, which include painter’s tape, dish soap and grit sandpaper among others.


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