5 Most Awesome Concert Styles from Your Favorite Music Stars


Music stars are always on the forefront of fashion. They have access to designers’ newest clothes before the general population does, and the conventions of stage performances give singers free reign to wear anything they want. This means that people who attend concerts are getting first looks at new fashions that will not be in stores for a few more months.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has become famous for the way she plays up her porcelain beauty with cartoonishly feminine clothing. She received a great deal of attention for the outfit she wore in her “California Gurls” video, which consisted of denim shorts and a top that looked like it was made out of cupcakes. She wore several other candy-themed outfits on the tour that followed the release of her Teenage Dream album. The most elaborate one was a dress whose flared skirt was accented with cupcake tiers.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is also notorious for her wild fashion choices, though she is less concerned with appearing feminine or pretty. Her signature concert outfit is a single-sleeved leotard with black or fishnet stockings. She usually wears large geometric pieces over the leotards, which create artistic silhouettes and make her look otherworldly.

One Direction

One Direction’s collective sense of style is sorely under-appreciated. The outfits are always perfectly coordinated even though each of the five boys has his own distinct look. Zayn’s glam sharpness plays off of Harry’s hip coolness and Niall’s penchant for comfort. This is achieved by choosing different garments from the same color palette.


Ke$ha is perhaps the most outrageous of the current crop of female pop stars. She has little sense of fashion or aesthetics; she wears what she wants and does not care if other people find her attractive. She is fond of unitards with metallic accents. She leaves her hair down and usually applies a copious amount of makeup to just one eye. Most of the time, Ke$ha does whatever wears anything but normal, stylish pants from Reem Clothing. She usually wears something you might find on a thrift store clown, but we like her for it.


Beyonce has received a lot of press lately for one of the outfits she is wearing on her Mrs. Carter tour. It is a completely spangled gold body suit. Only the most famous woman in the world could pull off something so ridiculous and fabulous. Her concerts are firework-filled and fabulous displays of color. She never fails to impress.

Calmer variations of these looks have been gradually filtering into the mainstream. Katy Perry’s frocks have fed into the public’s fascination with ’60s style, and Ke$ha’s styling has inspired countless Coachella attendees. Music influences fashion in a cycle that responds to those who enjoy both.

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