5 of the Most Unbelievably Bad Series Finales Ever

5 of the Most Unbelievably Bad Series Finales Ever

Series finales can be heartbreaking, but they’re even more heartbreaking when they’re bad. When you love a show, you want it to go out with a bang not a puff of smoke. Sadly, many shows have fallen victim to this and some have fallen so hard that it’s simply unbelievable.


When it was announced that “Seinfeld” was ending, many fans wondered how it would come to a close. How do you properly end a show that marketed itself as a show about nothing? “Seinfeld” ended their run by having their main characters locked up in jail. If that wasn’t bad enough, the series finale lasted three episodes and each episode was simply a clip show. Series finales are no strangers to clip shows, but having a bad ending coupled with three episodes of clip shows pushed it too far.

The X-Files

“The X-Files” has one of the biggest followings of the sci-fi genre. The show was filled with many twists, turns and conspiracies that made many viewers wonder what the truth really was. What is the truth? The truth is that answering all of the questions that the creators made over the years was near impossible and the creators really didn’t bother trying. The series finale showed Mulder being on trial in the desert and his pursuit of the truth. However, practically nothing is resolved and they have no big reveal on any truth behind anything. Years of conspiracies and questions were simply ended on practically nothing.


“Dinosaurs” was seen as a dinosaur version of another popular show called “Family Matters,” but that didn’t stop the show from becoming popular. Their characters and catchphrases were still near and dear to our hearts every time we watched it. How did they choose to end this light-hearted sitcom? By having the dad inadvertently start the ice age and cause the extinction of the dinosaurs. Points for being realistic, but that’s a pretty harsh ending to such a silly and light-hearted comedy show.


“Roseanne” chronicled the lives of the Connor family. They were a blue-collar family that showed the darker side of the sitcom world. The side where there were serious problems and they were hardly ever resolved in a half hour. However, the final season became very odd. The family had won the lottery and became rich. This spawned many odd episodes that left their fans confused. In the series finale, we’re shown that none of that season ever happened. It was all a story Roseanne had written. If that wasn’t enough, we also had to learn that Dan had died at the end of the preceding season of a heart attack. Ending the series by saying that the entire final season was essentially a dream sequence is bad enough without killing off one of the most prominent characters in the series through one line of dialogue.

The Sopranos

“The Sopranos” was a drama series about a mobster named Tony Soprano. The series had a huge burst of popularity and was quickly becoming one of the most watched series on TV at the time. When the series ended, there were many questions hanging in the air, but the most prominent one was about Tony’s fate. Would he live or would he die? In one of the most shocking endings in television history, nothing happened. The show was going along and then it cut to credits in the middle of a scene. Some people were so confused that they thought something was wrong with the television station or their televisions. However, that is exactly the way it was intended to end and fans still wrack their heads over the cliffhanger to this day. It’s one thing to end a series on a cliffhanger; it’s another to end it on absolutely nothing.


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