Street Fighter V is bringing some new-ish features to the franchise, not really NEW stuff, but I suppose just things Capcom wants you to know so nobody is caught off guard about anything.

First, new characters. Yes, there will be new characters (as there should be in a new installment in a fighting franchise), which I didn’t really think needed to be mentioned, but yeah, new characters.

Secondly, the new fighting system called the “V System” will be Capcom’s way of making an in-depth fighting system that is also easily accessible by new players as well as veterans. Though I still don’t think that will make me any better than the Japanese kids that have been playing it since they were born.

Third, there’s a beta test, but again, I think we already knew that because not beta testing your game in this day and age is just a death wish.

Fourth is dedicated servers because they want to make sure that lag is not your number one enemy, which is mighty kind of them, from what I’ve seen of online footage of SFIV.

Fifth is that their pro gaming tournaments will be switching over to V when it comes out, but until then, every IV tournament will be unveiling new stuff about the game. Which is pretty cool, and adds incentive to attend the tournaments at least to learn more new stuff about the game! Anyway, check out the video above!


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