8-Bit “Mad World” Cover is Better Than the Video it is Used In

I came across a video on YouTube called ‘Game Deaths’, that promised to showcase a variety of character deaths seen in the old 8 and 16-bit games that most of us mature gamers grew up playing.  While it’s nostalgic to see some of the old pixelated deaths from the console days of yore, the true star of this video is the 8-bit rendition of Michael Andrews’ “Mad World” from the ‘Donnie Darko’ soundtrack (Maybe Tears for Fear version?).  This song has become synonymous with this particular generation of consoles for me, mainly because of its use in the teasers for the original Gears of War.

It also resonates with me because at the time my mind was in a pretty dark head-space due to some health issues that have luckily gotten better.  I’ll never forget the day where I was completely destroyed mentally by my condition while listening to ‘Mad Wolrd’, which made me break down and cry in my office chair like a woman watching an episode of ‘Oprah’.  Very disturbing, yet it was a very real moment for me, because I realized that there was nothing I could do about my health outside of not blowing my brains out!

Alright, hold on, let me take my tampon out!  But seriously, “Mad World” is one of those songs that will always stick with me and take me back to a time in my life where things weren’t so good.  Isn’t that the beauty of music though?  It’s one of the art forms that can instantly transport you to a particular time in life with the most vivid of details being recalled.  I’d imagine you too have a song, or a handful of songs for that matter, that take you back to a time in your life that was either good or bad.  Mine just happens to be because of a videogame, but like I’ve been trying to tell you for the last year, I’m a geek, so is it really that surprising!?

Anyway, check out the Game Deaths vid below, and if anything try and appreciate the beauty of its music.  Maybe this version of “Mad Wolrd” will take you to a place that you haven’t been to in a long time, or maybe it’ll make you thankful that videogames no longer have soundtracks consisting of a bunch of beeps, bops, and boops.  You’ve been getting in touch with your emotions because EB told you to…

Game Deaths

(Getting chills just listening to it, and who doesn’t love the days of the pixel?)


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