$99 OUYA Android Gaming Console Trolling for Investors on Kickstarter

A brand new Android gaming console in the OUYA is looking for backers today on Kickstarter.  Considering that it has already raised $176K of its $950k dollar goal this morning (already jumped to $216k while writing this post), I’d say this is a video game project that gamers desire.  At its core the OUYA is a gaming console meant for HDTVs with a cheap price tag.  For $99 gamers can get the OUYA console and a controller, and as of now the company is claiming that every game for the platform will be free-to-play, or at least to try.  It is Android based, so it’s an open source system that will be able to play current Android games.

In keeping with the open source mantra of Android, the OUYA console will also be completely hackable, and the company even suggests rooting it to get more out of the device.  Keep in mind that this is not a Google product.  The OUYA is just utilizing the Android OS, but I’d imagine that the Google Play store will somehow be integrated.

On the flip side this new project could also open the door for many indie game developers to get their projects out to the masses.  Not everyone can afford a smartphone with the exuberant costs that they entail, so this cheap hardware platform could really open up the mobile gaming market to more than just smartphone adopters.  Best of all the OUYA console itself can serve as a SDK, because as promised it can be rooted without fear of voiding warranties.

Xbox 360 Gamers the OUYA UI looks a little familiar eh?

I must say that this project intrigues me even if its seeded in the land of Android.  The saving grace for me is the fact that this isn’t a Google product, so hopefully the OUYA team will keep their little gaming console updated more regularly than Android based smartphones.  I think I’m going to back my first ever Kickstarter project for this whole OUYA movement.  I like the grass roots campaign, and I appreciate the concepts put forth for the OUYA.  It may be Android based which isn’t my favorite decision, but at the same time it offers the video game industry another platform to showcase itself with.

I think gamers looking for a cheap alternative to game on, as well as indie devs searching for a medium to get their games published on, will make this project a success.  Please head on down after the break to watch a trailer for the OUYA kickstarter campaign, and if you want to contribute you can head on over to its fund raising page here.  If they hit their $950K goal you should expect to see the OUYA in retail stores sometime in mid to late 2013.  You’ve been liking this innovative idea, but “will it actually pan out” is the question plaguing your generosity…

OUYA Kickstarter

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