Video Games Can Heal and as Gamers We Can Help the World

This week we saw the annual Summer Games Done Quick go down. For those who are unaware what this is professional speed runners and trick masters play through the game that they have made a major spectacle of. Some of these games include, Bishock, Metroid Prime, and what I thought was the show stopper a blindfolded play through of Castlevania Symphony Of The Night! With literally hundreds of thousands watching, it was something truly special. Why do they do this insane marathon of games you ask? They do it to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, an amazing chairty that helps fund medical care for under developed countries.


These individuals who dedicate days to this charity event are true champions of the gaming community and I personally thank them for the amazing work they do. Now while this is the biggest event, and one that happens each and every year it is not the only game focused charity drive. Extra Life is another large charity organization you may have heard of. However instead of major speed runners anyone–even you–can help raise money. I myself have done work with them 2 years in a row when I was still in the twitch circle they only ask you do what you love to do, play a video game. Of course besides streaming content other companies like The Yetee and Humble Bundle hold special sales or one of a kind products and a portion of the profits go to the charity event in question. Of course while all of these things help bring awareness and incentive to donate, without contributions from viewers, fans, and consumers, none of this would be the wonderful thing it is.


If you can, I do ask donate to a cause you love, even if you don’t see it mentioned here. You yourself can make your own charity event for whatever cause you want. I have worked with Able Gamers, The Ali Forney Center, and St. Judes and you can set up your own donation incentives and goals with a simple online website Games get a bad wrap in the majority of other media. I know many of you have seen the Fox News headline about how games are all about sex and brutal violence that corrupts youth. Never forget that games can heal, games can help save lives, and most importantly you can help change the perception of what video games can be.


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