A Geek Has Transformed a Raspberry Pi Into a Classic NES Console

A redditor who goes by manrage on that lovely site has crafted an amazing piece of gaming geekery using a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, and a love of Nintendo’s NES console from way back in the 80’s.

Mr. Rage took the Raspberry Pi and turned into into a game emulator that now holds over 2000 retro titles, but that’s not why this creation is so awesome. The best part about this project is the final design, which as you can see below, is a faithful recreation of the console that changed the home gaming landscape over 30 years ago. He got the colors right, the iconic lid, and even the red Nintendo logo on the front.

Apparently you too can create one of these NES Pi cases using these directions that can be programmed into a 3D printer. Obviously you would have to have a 3D printer to do so, as well as the technical know-how to program the Pi to be an emulator, but considering that a Raspberry Pi unit is only $40, this project can be done on the cheap with a bit of work. Well that and a friend that can print 3D objects.

Take a gander at the Raspberry Pi NES mini-console, which Reddit has already dubbed the PiNES, go figure, after the break.

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