When I saw the most recent video from Freddie Wong, the scene from ‘Crocodile Dundee’ where Mick shows that punk what a real knife is came to my mind.  The video is called ‘Huge Guns’, and the guns truly are ginormous.  You’d be the baddest as* hillbilly on the range if you had one of the guns depicted in the short.  I’d imagine the bullets would look like mini-missiles, which could turn your foe into a bloody pile of goo similar to what you may find in an abortion clinic’s dumpster.  Ouch!

I’m convinced that Freddie needs to be signed with Lionsgate for his first picture, because they’re the one studio out there that will still put out over-the-top rated R flicks that remind you of the good ‘ol days of cinema.  You know, those days when rated R movies reigned supreme, and the studios weren’t so focused on making PG-13 movies to increase their revenue.  If you don’t believe me go back an watch some of the R rated action movies from back in  the 80’s and 90’s.

Here you’ll find the magic formula for movie making that existed before our society went into politically correct mode.  It consisted of foul language, lots of guns, blood, and a sprinkle of titties.  You couldn’t watch a movie back then without someone saying f*ck a 100 times while killing everyone in a bloody fashion while some chick’s tits were being shown.  Woah, major tangent!  Anyway, check out Freddie’s latest gun inspired short below.  You’ve been wanting an over-sized hand cannon…


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