A Humiliated and Troubled Kylo Will be Explored in The Last Jedi

EW has posted its final article on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it put focus on one of the film’s villains, as well as some other important characters that aren’t necessarily main ones. The key information in this article is about Kylo Ren and how he has been knocked down a few pegs after his humiliating defeat at the hands of a noob Force user.

Johnson explained to EW that, “He’s definitely been knocked off base. The defeat that he had at the end of The Force Awakens, but even bigger than that, his huge defining act which, spoiler alert, is the murder of his father… that’s the more interesting thing to dive into. How has hedealt with that in his head? Where is he at in terms of that act and what does that mean for him?” So it sounds like he’ll be even poutier this time around, but a bit shaken due to his loss, which he never would have predicted against someone so new to her Force powers.

The article also revealed that Han Solo will still play a part in this story. He won’t physically be there as a ghost, but his figurative ghost will loom large over many characters including Rey. Apparently, her hate for Kylo has been enhanced due to him murdering her somewhat Father figure and friend, so she now has a focused dislike of him over just thinking he’s a galactic asshole. Han’s murder will also be something that weighs on Kylo Ren, so we will surely see him cope with his act, which supposedly snuffed out the last bit of light left in him.

One thing is clear in The Last Jedi, and that’s the fact that Rey and Kylo, at least according to Johnson, are, “two halves of the dark and the light.”

Phasma was mentioned in the piece too, but more for the fact that she’ll be featured more. It doesn’t sound like her backstory will be fleshed out, but there are a series of books coming out to do just that, so we will learn more of her in book form.

Maz Kanata will also be in the movie, but in a much reduced capacity. If I were a betting man I bet she’ll help explain how she ended up with the Skywalker family lightsaber.

Finally, the article mentions Chewie’s state of mind, which is volatile after watching his lifelong friend get murdered. It sounds like he’ll have a bit of a temper these days, and may react more violently than we’ve seen him in the past.


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