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Many of us collect comic books, read comic books, watch movies based on comic book characters, but few of us create and publish comics. When you really think about it, it’s not all that easy. You have to create the content (writing, pencils, colors, letters), obviously the most crucial step, but then find the funds to publish, market, distribute, etc. So I respect those who actually go out there and do it.

Enter HBComics, a Boston-based self publishing comic studio founded by “The Hebert Brothers,” Chris and Alan. Through various comic related Facebook groups I’ve had a chance to get to know Chris Hebert a little bit and he’s as dedicated as they come with regards to creating comic books. I had the pleasure of reading the first two trade paper backs of Lazerman, which was the first character to come out of their bullpen. Both of which I enjoyed.

Now they’re back at it with a great new project recently launched on Kickstarter: Team Synergy Vol. 1: Spellbound. A fantastic new concept geared to the young female comic book reader, which tells the story of 5 teenage girls who are all cousins and who all have super powers. And they are trained by their great grandmother who was the original super heroine – definitely a true blue superhero story. You can see those details best from the creators themselves by going to their Kickstarter page.

This is a great opportunity to help some indie comic creators who are bringing to the table something positive for young teenage girls to read, while also getting some cool prizes for yourself as a backer. And let’s face it, there aren’t a ton of super hero teams out there solely comprised of girls. As you’ll see from their video, the Hebert’s have a lot of young girls in their family, Chris himself is the father of two, so you know their full passion is behind this!

With a little more than 30 days left they reached the $1000 mark today, but they still need more backers to help their vision come to fruition. As with other projects like this, no amount is too small and every dollar helps. So help these brothers out by backing a great project that brings cool comics to the younger female audience. #SupportIndieComics



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