Just as the Phoenix rises again from the ashes of its previous life I too have been reborn!  I would like to introduce myself as, The Entertainment Buddha, a former corporate career machine turned Web Guru/Blog Master.  I used to write before as a hobby, but due to the limitations that a career impedes on your free time I was forced to shut down shop.  Well a year later and some serious soul searching I am back and full of piss and vinegar!  I have spent the past 3 weeks of my freedom learning, hacking, and implementing WordPress to bring you, so I can live the dream we all want, which is to do something that brings you happiness and hopefully a living.

Enough of the mushy life lesson crap.  The point is I’m in a righteous place now and will do everything in my power to make you, the reader, love this site.  I want you to need this site as a daily source of information to help you become enlightened in what is excellent in the entertainment sector.  I want to do all of the searching for you and gather it here, so you don’t have to.  Trust me I know what it’s like to work a 50+ hour a week corporate job.  For the most part you don’t even want to surf the web because you want to save your limited free time for your passions.  Hopefully, this is where will come in to save the day.  It will provide you with what you need to know to look educated when talking about pop culture, man-toys, technology, etc.  Don’t pretend this shit isn’t important in your daily life.  Hell it’s what our whole society is based on.

I offer this first post as a new beginning both for myself and you the subscriber.  For me it’s my first foray into living the [slider title=”American Dream”]You know the saying you hear over and over growing up in America and from any other country where things are bad for its people and they yearn to come here for a chance to succeed.  I’m a natural born US citizen myself, so I kind have taken this dream for granted and perceived it as a joke.  I hope to change this thought over the next few years and posts to come. [/slider], and doing something that I love on my own time and actually paying the bills with it.  At first it may just be the food bill, but one day through your support and continued loyalty it will be supporting my lifestyle!

You have been enlightened…


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Matt Heywood is the founder and EIC of where he strives to make you a better geek, one post at a time! When he’s not scouring the Internet for interesting nuggets of awesomeness he can be found in his secret lair enjoying the latest and greatest video games, taking pictures of toys, or talking Star Wars on EB’s Star Wars Time podcast show.