A New Breed of Demented Gaming: Naughty Bear

I’ve been reading about this Naughty Bear title, and it truly looks to define F’d up gaming.  Basically, the game takes and interesting spin of the oh-so cuddly teddy bear theme, and mashes it together with Grand Theft Auto gameplay.  You are Naughty Bear and are out to terrorize other stuffed bears by torturing them, stabbing them, kicking their balls, and other forms of mental assassinations.  It really is an odd premise, but I think it’ll work for slightly off people like me.

Naughty Bear is supposed to be very disturbing yet it gets away with it by utilizing teddy bear stuffing versus blood and gore.  I think I’m in on this odd take on stuffed animals.  There’s just something very entertaining albeit wrong watching a teddy bear terrorist.  Check out the ‘JAWS’ inspired trailer below to see what I mean.  You’ve been left with a WTF feeling…


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Via [Joystiq]


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