A Stop Motion Transformers Lego Short That’d Make Bayhem Jealous

The counter656 YouTube channel has made a stop motion short that features some Autobot versus Decepticon action that could even make Michael Bay feel inadequate.  Ok, not really, the dude has an ego the size of Uranus, but the action in this Lego branded short is very impressive if you consider what it took to make this project work.  Counter 656 said this video required upwards of 3500 images to bring the Lego Transformers to life, and that it took them 10 days to produce.  I say “them” as if I know that 656 is a conglomerate of people, but there’s a good chance that it’s a one person team.  If that’s the case this short is even more impressive.  Check it out below.  You’ve been needing to try this stop motion thing out…

Taiwan Transformers Stop Motion – Kreo Autobots VS Decepticons

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