‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Video Review: 2018’s First Stinker

Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time is now in theaters, but after checking it out this past weekend, I question if this film based on a book should have been left in the library. It suffers from poor pacing, uninspired acting, and a narrative that gets lost in the majestic looking visuals. There’s nothing redeeming about it, which is very disappointing because its trailers looked very promising.

You can get my full take on the film below via the embedded video and script. In short, wait for this mess to hit cable TV.

Unfortunately, after taking in a screening during its opening weekend, I can tell you that it’s easily one of the worst movies of 2018, and possibly the worst film I’ve seen in a theater in a very long time.

A Wrinkle In Time is broken to say the least. Its pacing from the get go is so slow that you will fight yourself from wanting to take a nap. When you couple the uninspired pace with the poor acting by the entire cast, it’s hard to derive any enjoyment from the narrative being delivered.

That was a hard revelation for me to buy, especially considering the talent packed into this film’s cast, but Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and pretty much every actor outside of Deric McCabe, who is a little kid playing one of the main characters named Charles Wallace, comes off awkwardly on screen. Their performances all seemed forced, which may be a result of the screenplay and the dialogue given to them, but the acting closely resembles what  you saw in Attack of the Clones with its cast. Yes, it’s that bad, they’re all robotic or caricatures of the fantastical types of characters they play, so it’s hard for you to buy into the movie’s fantasy based world.

The acting in this movie is very poor, but I think it’s made worse by the pacing and edit of the film. At times it’s hard to even follow what the hell is going on, because while you’re trying to decipher the ridiculous dialogue being spit at you, scenes will transition from one time period to the next, or just change altogether with zero explanation for the change. I felt like I had to have read the book to even follow the plot, because the way it is delivered in the film causes the narrative to make zero sense.

There are some life lessons in there, and they can be motivating for young women and dreamers in general, but most of the messages get lost thanks to the poor execution of nearly every aspect of this film.

A Wrinkle In Time’s only redeemable quality is its visual presentation, which borders on the same majestic visuals that Avatar exhibited, but they’re mostly wasted on your imagination as it tries to fix the many issues the film’s narrative throws at you.

Due to the utter disappointment of A Wrinkle In Time’s big screen debut it earns a lowly 4 out of 10 review score from Team EB. It’s not worth watching in theaters, and it’s not worth getting when it releases for home viewing. This is a movie best saved for HBO, or cable TV. It’s that bad. Just thank me for falling on this pop culture grenade for you, and look for another new film to check out in theaters this month.

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Review Summary

Story - 2
Cinematography - 7
Sound - 7
Acting - 2
Entertainment Value - 2



Disney's A Wrinkle In Time is a waste of time and will leave you wanting two hours of your life back thanks to its clunky plot, poor acting, and uneven pacing.


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