Absolute Best Xbox Live Apps and Widgets for Android Phones

If you’re a super geek like me, you may find yourself going insane with all of the functionality you can get out of your Android based phone by using 3rd party apps and widgets.  I’ve almost gotten to the point where I need to strap myself into a straight jacket each night, so I won’t constantly search the Android Market for new widgets to put on my phone to make it look and work the way I want.  Luckily for you I don’t have a straight jacket, so I’m left to my obsession of searching the Android Market for cool and new things to do with my phone, which leads to saving some time for you in regards to awesome Android apps.

Today I’d like to highlight some of the best Xbox apps for Android phones.  I like being able to check what friends are on-line from my phone, so this is what lead to me searching for Xbox Live apps.  From there I found even more Xbox specific apps that can help you manage cheves, and even your phone contacts.  Below you’ll find the best Xbox apps for these types of actions according to me.  These aren’t the only Xbox Live apps on the Android Market, but I have found through extensive testing that these seem to be the best looking and most efficient.

Best Android App for Xbox Live

Xbox Live Statistics (Beta)

This is a fairly new app on the market that does everything you need when it comes to having an Xbox Live interface on your Android based phone.  It provides two widgets, one for friends and one for messages, that can be placed on one of your screens.  XBLS also has a great UI for the app itself where you can see your profile, games played, friends list, points, and messages.  Messaging works well from the app when you send gamers notes from your phone.  The best part about this app is that you don’t have to add your friend list like most other Xbox Live apps require you to.  You just have to enter in your MS passport ID tied to your Xbox Live account and everything gets pulled in for you.  You can use the widgets on the screen to notify you if one of your friends gets on-line, or sends you a note.  The best part about these notifications is that you can set the update schedule to save battery life.  So far battery strain seems negligible with this app and its widgets.  The developer also seems to provide regular updates and is promising a paid version with more functionality.  Try it out if you’ve been looking for an all-in-one Xbox Live app for your Android based phone.

Best Xbox 360 Avatar Widget

Xbox Live Avatar Widget

This particular widget is mainly to show off to your iPhone friends, or other geeks who haven’t jumped on the Droid bandwagon yet.  All it does is creates widgets for any Xbox Live gamer tag, and then if you choose you can tie that widget to a phone contact.  Basically, you can create little Xbox avatars all over your phone with each one being tied to a phone contact, so when you click on it the contact info is shown.  It really doesn’t do much but make your favorite contacts that also play Xbox Live, look freaking awesome.  So far no real effect on battery life or performance has been noted.  Give it a whirl if you want to do some awesomeness with your Droid.

Best Xbox 360 Achievement app for Android

Achievement More

If you need an app to manage your Xbox 360 achievements from your phone this is the one for you.  Basically, you add in a game that you’re interested in and this app will allow you to browse the game’s cheves, manage completed cheves, and look up tips for cheves.  It truly is a great gaming companion if you’re an achievement addict.  I love the fact that I can check off completed cheves for a game, so that I don’t have to try too hard to find which cheves I still have left.  It’s a great app to have in your palms so you’re not constantly checking a laptop or other device that you may not want cluttering up your game throne.  Give it a spin, if you love cheves, you’ll love this app.

If you’re a serious Xbox gamer I highly suggest grabbing these apps for your Droid.  They make the act of gaming even more awesome than it already is, and they show off how awesome Android based phones are.  Overall, none of them seem to have any issues with battery drain and phone performance.  I have and currently run all of these on a Motorola Droid X 2.2 with no issues or force closes.  Don’t be afraid to take the plunge, scan those QR codes with your Droid and get to gaming in style!  You’ve been hooked up with some Xbox Live widgets…

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