‘Absolver’ 1.06 Update Adds Fancy New Masks

Absolver came onto the scene and was met with a resoundingly positive reception. The newest update from Devolver Digital does plenty to the state of the game, as well as adds new masks to the game. The new masks are all from other Devolver games, the Rooster from Hotline Miami, the Bullet Kin Mask from Enter the Gungeon, the Cartel Mask from Mother Russia Bleeds, the Oratian Operative Mask from Shadow Warrior 2, the Elohim mask from The Talos Principle and the Rengok from the upcoming game, Ruiner. Along with these, Absolver will be receiving a slew of other changes like online stability updates, power & weapon changes, combat balancing and much more. The update is live, so check out the trailer above and while you’re at it, check out what we thought of Absolver! 

Full patch notes can be found here. Also, as another note, Absolver has sold a quarter of a million copies so far, so a big congratulations to SloClap and Devolver Digital!

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