Absolver is a unique beast in that it’s a fighting game that’s not quite traditional and any sense. It almost plays like a combination between Tekken and Dark Souls from what I can see, and it looks awesome, frankly. The video that we’ve got for you today shows off a lot of the powers and weapons in the game and how exactly they work. Each character has shards that fill up during combat, which can be used to unleash powers or unfold weapons during combat.

What’s cool is that there’s some sort of a give/take system when you unfold a weapon, because it can be used against you. Your weapons can actually be knocked out of your hands and used to kill you by your enemy. You have to weigh your options, do you try to use the weapon, or use magic that can’t be blocked at the cost of doing less damage? Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think!

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