Abyss Odyssey is now available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms, which is the latest title from ACE Team. The game is a 2D side-scroller with rogue-like gameplay and some lite RPG aspects. It features a single player campaign, a local/online co-op campaign, a training mode, and a multiplayer versus mode.

In the Let’s Play video above myself and Ray Porreca travel the depths of the Abyss with dreams of conquering the mighty Warlock that resides in its underbelly. I played as Ghost Monk, who is one of the three available warriors, and Ray played as Katrien, a more nimble combatant and the first warrior to be made available to new players. Players can choose one of three starting points, with each one being harder than the last, but the harder they are the less floors you must travel to reach the Warlock. We opted for the Santa Lucia starting point, which is the longest road to the Warlock, but it’s also the easiest. Not that any of the routes are that easy, as Abyss Odyssey throws quite the challenge at players of all skill levels.

Overall Abyss Odyssey is most definitely a gratifying gameplay experience, but for our final opinions you can check out our full review. Although, for $15 I’m not sure there’s a better value in gaming for the consoles and PC at this particular moment, so if you like what you see above it’s safe to say that you’ll enjoy the full gameplay experience yourself.


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