Assassin’s Creed Odyssey got a short little live-action TV commercial and I’m going to make fun of it now because it’s the lamest shit I’ve ever seen.

You know those cringe-inducing live-action commercials you see for mobile games like Game of War: Fire Age? The ones that are mostly CG background with some laughable action going on in the foreground with some stock sound effects and a buxom babe whispering in your ear? This is basically that, but the woman isn’t actually here, you can only hear her, and they actually show a little snippet of gameplay after the live-action bit.

I’m sure Odyssey will be fine, just fine, but this trailer did it no favors, it just made it look like cheap trash. If you’re going to go live-action for a trailer, make it meaningful, make it memorable, don’t waste the money and assets on garbage like this.

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